We offer technical solutions, analysis and advice in the field of construction and related activities.

In the field of consulting, “Tempo 94″ Ltd. offers the following services:

  • Organization of continuous monitoring, management and coordination of the activities of all contractors, subcontractors and suppliers during the full realization of the project to the final completion and commissioning;
  • Coordination of projects between different specialties in order to minimize the problems that may occur during construction related to the coordination and technological sequence of all construction works;
  • Ensuring, as far as is in reasonable control of the Consulting Engineers, the implementation of the project over time, enshrined on schedule within the approved budget and standards for performance and quality, coordinated and approved by the Investor;
  • Assistance and specialist advice to optimize design solutions in order to reduce project cost and shorten the periods of construction;
  • Negotiation for optimal prices of all construction works;
  • Risk planning utmost, reduce the exceptional circumstances and unforeseen costs to a minimum;