Good execution and out-planned project is the most important condition to build a quality construction or facility. In our company we offer services related to the design, construction and legalization of buildings and adjoining areas. We give you design in all specialties and services related to the construction, performance monitoring, project coordination in various instances and applying of the sites into operation.

In the field of design, “Tempo 94″ Ltd. offers the following services:

  • Development of architectural design /conceptual or working phase/;
  • Project coordination with all operating companies;
  • Preparation of the design process;
  • Coordination of the design and construction process to the introduction of the construction into operation;
  • The procedures for the coordination and approval of the investment project;
  • Project management;
  • Providing contact among participants in the design and construction process;
  • Quality control of the entire design and construction process;
  • Pre-project studies;
  • Investors control;