Activity of the company is designing and building all kinds of buildings, irrigation facilities, construction of transport infrastructure, as well as the public utility infrastructure, environmental protection and improvement of the adjacent areas.

“TEMPO 94″ brings together leading experts in construction business with the necessary experience and expertise proven in years. The company has its own technical base, highly qualified staff to implement and manage the construction process. We implement new technologies and high quality materials to create a reliable and safe place to live and habitat, combined with comfort and functionality. In confirmation of the excellent quality in the performance of obligations under contracts ,by compliance with the timetable, “Tempo 94″ Ltd. has received numerous references.

In the field of construction, “Tempo 94″ Ltd. offers the following services:

  • Construction of water supply and sewerage network;
  • Infrastructure construction;
  • Construction of residential, office and industrial buildings;
  • Construction of road pavements;
  • Building of playgrounds;
  • Construction of foundations;
  • Formwork;
  • Reinforcement works;
  • Construction work;
  • Reinforcement of buildings;
  • Concrete works;
  • Ground works;
  • Drainage areas and trenches;
  • Securing construction sites;